About Us

Apart from being thorough professionals, experienced and knowledgeable, people working at Guide Insurance Group are dedicated to protecting customers’ assets at any cost. Our workers solely care about guarding the possessions of customers.

Everything we do to protect our clients’ possessions is strictly under the rules and regulations. Our people are professionally trained to provide golden advice and plans to the customers.

From start to finish, we deliver unparalleled customer and advisory services. We deal with all sorts of plans. From affordable to premium options, you’ll be able to find the best fit for your scenario.

Guide Insurance Group is where you and your possessions get the utmost care and protection.

Who We Are

Guide Insurance Group was formed with one goal to help everyone protect their assets. Since the start, we have never looked back. We have satisfied thousands of clients that were on the cliff of breaking down.

Our job is to give care, attention, and protection to your possessions by insuring them with the best suitable plans and products. Trust us once, and you’ll come again to look for more insurance plans, that’s our promise.

We firmly believe that a person can’t progress in life until and unless his/her possessions are protected. And that’s precisely what we do. We assist our customers to stop worrying about their assets by protecting them in the best ways possible.

Who We Serve

Guide Insurance Group is licensed in the majority of states, which means that we can help more individuals protect their assets. We take pride in assisting people to protect their possessions. Protecting and securing are two things we mainly focus on here at Guide Insurance Group so you can live and concentrate on stuff that matters the most.

How We’re Different

Unlike other insurance agencies who leave you in the middle of claims, we will be with you from start to finish. Caring professionals of Guide Insurance Group will not leave your side and assist you in every step.

Guide Insurance Group is always at your disposal so you can consult a professional, learn about your insurance, file a claim, and you name it. Providing you with the best insurance plan according to your situation is what Guide Insurance Group excels in.

We work according to what’s best for you and your assets. You are not a customer to us but a family member who deserves all the love and care.

Products We Offer

Guide Insurance Group makes sure that nobody gets left out. That’s why we offer a complete line-up of insurance products and financial services to every business and individual. From personal insurance to life & health insurance plans, we have got something for everyone!

Our plans and products are affordable and easy-to-understand. And to buy a plan, you don’t have to indulge yourself in any complicated procedure as everything will be done for you by our professionals.

We are connected with all the international insurance providers so that you get to choose from a variety of products.