Auto Services

The auto services industry is full of risks, and you need more than one option to take care of things. Gladly, here at Guide Insurance Group, we know how to tackle the evolving risks that are surrounding your auto services business.

From property to machinery and tools, our insurance will cover everything for you. Furthermore, our insurance professionals know how your business works and what will be the best policy or plan to help you stay away from unique risks.

Our experienced staff specializes in handing out unique solutions for any auto service business. They know the dangers and how to stop them by great insurance plans of Guide Insurance Group.

GuideInsurance Group covers auto body shops, auto dealerships, car washes, quick lube shops, transmission shops, tire dealerships, etc. As a matter of fact, our plans specialize in covering common risks such as equipment breakdown, medical expenses, product recall expense, personal property of others, and you name it.

We bring you all the primary insurance coverage at an affordable price. From general liability to employment practices liability insurance, we have got your back in everything! All you need to do is visit the Guide Insurance group’s nearest branch and ask for assistance.


Own a healthcare facility, and don’t have a risk management partner? We are afraid that you’ll be facing the consequences real soon. But don’t worry, you can calm the strong by contacting us as we cover the majority of healthcare sectors.

Healthcare business can be daunting as many lives are dependent on you. Each and every day, you must be facing real challenges. But it doesn’t mean you have to be all alone. Guide Insurance Group provides protection of data breach/loss, equipment breakdown, loss of income, property damage, and more.

Some of the common healthcare policies we provide are a commercial property, cyber risk insurance, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, equipment breakdown coverage, etc.

As a healthcare business owner, we know that you care about people, so you must have someone that cares about you. At Guide Insurance Group, we help you to mitigate the common risks of the healthcare business.

Our plans and products are specifically decorated and drafted for healthcare businesses to ensure that you can keep helping humanity without any external or internal tension or pressure.

Guide Insurance Group covers dentists, diagnostic centers, hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and other healthcare businesses.


It’s a fact that technology has changed the whole course of our lives by making it simple and luxurious. But what if the complex technology industry needs a helping hand? The answer is our insurance plans and policies.

The technology sector is innovating and bringing imagination to life. But it doesn’t mean they don’t face the apparent risk and challenges. Here at Guide Insurance Group, we offer you with optimal insurance solutions.

Business interruption, data breach/loss, property damage, technical liability, and intellectual property liability are some of the common risks that our insurance policies cover.

As professionals, we know about the daily challenges and risks a technology business faces. That’s why we are here to ensure everything, so your business stays protected from every type of problem.

We cover computer manufacturers, wholesalers, electronics, mobile network companies, and more technology industries. We offer you the experience and expertise required to make your business safe from any mishap.

Guide Insurance Group knows your technology business’s worth, and that’s precisely why we don’t want you to lose it due to everyday challenges. Put some trust in us, and you won’t regret buying insurance for your technology business.